One of America’s most successful SOBER LIVING programs


Dixie Pebworth, ceo

As a troubled juvenile to a prominent drug dealer, Dixie Pebworth was sentenced to eighty years in prison at the age of twenty-four. That is, until one day God invaded his cell with a message of love. Now, most people know Pastor Dixie as the ‘heart healing pastor’ who has impacted thousands, upon thousands of lives through his Wings of Freedom Program–setting captives free from the cycle of addiction, incarceration and homelessness. 

The Dixie Pebworth Story


     Dixie Pebworth is a successful businessman, and founder of one of the nation's most successful sober living programs. Dixie grew up on the streets to become a prominent drug dealer, until he was sentenced to 80 years in prison at 24. Lost, alone and hopeless until God “arrested” him and changed his life forever. Now, after more than 20 years of success, thousands of lives have been transformed through his Wings of Freedom program.
     Death Was My Next Step chronicles the life changing encounter of a young family man facing a life of imprisonment. His sentence turned upside down through a course of miracle events, while making it through a dead man's prison. Now, the long awaited final chapter, a pardon. Dixie's story is life changing!


NEW Book Release 2024

Revised Edition


You see prisoners, I see moms and dads.

You see criminals, I see sons and daughters.
You see heroin, I see a broken heart.
You see meth, I see fear.
You see alcohol, I see social anxiety,
You see track marks, I see depression.
You see a junkie, I see someone’s son.
You see a prostitute, I see someone’s daughter.
You see a pill head, I see brokenness.
You see someone cutting, I see someone hurting, 

You see someone nodding out, I see God showing us they need help.
You see a dope fiend, I see someone who needs love.
You see the end, I see a new beginning.
You see no hope, I see a second chance.
You see someone lost, I see sheep without a Shepherd,
You see them, I see ME.

our impact

Since 2001 WOF services has saved the State of OK an estimated $35.4 million in taxpayer dollars. 

Oklahoma Overview: $7.2 billion in 2020 annual incarceration and addiction costs.   

  • Incarcerations cost taxpayers approximately $18,000/yr per inmate. (OK DOC)
  • Substance abusers cost taxpayers $38,900/yr per abuser. (OK DSA)
  • Drug and alcohol addiction is a factor in 85% of all homicides.
  • Drug and alcohol addiction is a factor in 80% of all incarcerations. 
  • Drug and alcohol addiction is a factor in 75% of all divorces.
  • Drug and alcohol addiction is a factor in 65% of all child abuse cases.
  • Drug and alcohol addiction is a factor in 50% of all traffic fatalities. 



Throughout the year our vision is to invite hundreds of community leaders, pastors, and volunteers to visit Wings of Freedom. Inspired by the need to help community leaders, and pastors learn how to more effectively help people seeking a new life free from addition, homelessness and re-offense, we want Wings of Freedom to help meet specific community and church outreach needs. 

     Dixie Pebworth's story of transformation from hardcore drug dealer to heart healing pastor has built Wings of Freedom as the #1 most successful sober living programs in the state of Oklahoma. With a vision to transform the lives of thousands, to set them on a path of real success is why Wings of Freedom exists. We strive to provide the help and resources necessary for community and church leaders that want to make a difference. For more information contact Pastor Dixie at: info@wingsoffreedomok.com





Richard and Joanna

"All I knew from an early age is crime and drugs. I proudly carried on the family business into my adult life. After years of living a drug dealers life I was locked up. Serving 7 years in solitary confinement because of my actions. 

It wasn't until I was released did I finally turn to God for help, when my wife died at the birth of my daughter. I had nothing to bring to God, yet He answered my request to save my wife from deaths door. That was just the beginning of the miracles God began in my life and Wings of Freedom has been there through it all.

Pastor Dixie saw more in us than we ever saw in ourselves. He gave us more than one chance to become forever free from addiction, homelessness and incarceration. Today our lives are filled with joy, serving people, and loving others. Hi, I am Richard and I AM PROOF God can change anyone!

brand new life

Loy and Christi

I was a wretch of a man until I found the only one who could love me unconditionally–Jesus Christ. Wings of Freedom taught my wife and I what living in peace, and free from addictions of all kinds really meant. The peace in my heart that I live in today and experience everyday is because of what we have learned here.

We don't have enough words to express our gratitude to Pastor Dixie and the Wings of Freedom staff for the grace, mercy and love they have shown us until our mess became our message. 



"My story of mental, physical, and emotional abuse no one would ever want. I went through it all but, the good news is that it can be erased by surrendering it all to Jesus. 

Since giving my life to the Lord, I have experienced a peace that I cannot explain. It didn't come all at once but gradually, one small piece at a time. I have had to learn the difficult lessons of forgiveness, both for others and myself.  Wings of Freedom has helped through all of my trauma. For a long time, I despised myself. God has transformed my life into a respectable person–someone I genuinely like. "